Seattle Wine Tours Touring Beautiful Leavenworth! just got back from touring wineries in the Leavenworth area as well as attending Oktoberfest!

The fall colors right now are outstanding, the wineries were awesome, and of course Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, in my opinion is the best festival of the entire year!

It is an incredible drive on US HWY 2 over Stevens Pass through Tumwater canyon and have your eyes soak in the vibrant colors along the way.

Trees & shrubs with red or scarlet leaves in autumn include red and silver maple, flowering dogwood, vine maple, and many of the “berry” shrubs. Trees that turn yellow & gold are Aspen, Cottonwood, Birch and the incredible Larch! As autumn takes hold in the inland Northwest, Western Larch trees turn a golden color and shed their needles. The Larch, although a conifer, is also a deciduous tree – losing its leaves every year like every other tree. The sight attracts tourists and still has scientists scratching thier heads! Most conifers keep their needles year-around, but the Western Larch sheds its needles. Keep an eye out for this tree, and watch as nature does its magic!

One of my favorite wineries in the Leavenworth area is Ryan Patrick Vineyards. They not only have excellent wine, they also are great people. The Ryan Patrick tasting room in Leavenworth is centrally located in the Bavarian Village, conveniently situated on Front Street, just below Visconti’s Italian Restaurant. What is really exciting for Ryan Patrick is that they just opened their new winery & tasting room in Cashmere WA; a short 12 minute drive from Leavenworth towards Wenatchee WA. The new facility is located just off the Aplets Way exit on the Wenatchee River. Enjoy the abundance of history, agriculture and outdoor activities in this quaint community, while sipping Ryan Patrick’s award winning wines.
Another fine winey in Leavenworth is Bergdorf Cellars. Bergdorf Cellars produces small lot, hand crafted wines from the Columbia Valley. Their reds were soft, full of fruit and well-balanced. I especially like their Tempranillo & Zinfandel wines. Bergdorf also produces an excellent Riesling. This wine would pair perfectly with spicy food or by itself with artesian cheese, meats & bread. Another wine that was excellent was Bergdorf’s Gluvine (Glühwein); heated up would be great for those cold winter nights ahead! Bergdorf Cellars is located at 939 Front Street; the opposite end of town from Ryan Patrick.

The Leavenworth area has over 15 wineries & tasting rooms! The fall colors a-wait…

DON’t hesitate!

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