The Story of Anton Ville My grandfather came over from the old country (Norway) in the early 1900s as part of the wave of immigration that occurred right around the turn of the century. Grandpa Tony was a carpenter who made many of his tools by hand and was a craftsman by both profession and inclination. He would carefully choose the woods that he used in the many projects he undertook and was very proud of the end result.

His work oftentimes exhibited the simplicity and clean lines that have been identified with Nordic design. He also embodied hard work and honesty. My intention is to bring these same qualities to the wines I will be making through a focus on working the grapes by hand as much as possible, maintaining a high level of craftsmanship through the selection of quality fruit and its proper handling and adhering to a plan of fermentation and aging that will serve to emphasize the noblest aspects of the wine.

But most of all, I hope to honor Grandpa Tony´s memory within my family by producing wines that exhibit elegance, simplicity, sound structure and straightforward value that we will be proud to offer our customers.

Anton Ville Winery


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