Seattle, Woodinville and Washington Wine Tours


Seattle, Woodinville and Washington Wine Tours


Seattle, Woodinville and Washington Wine Tours



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Seattle, Woodinville and Washington Wine Tours

Leavenworth • Wenatchee • Chelan • Yakima • Tri-Cities • Walla Walla

Welcome to Seattle Wine Tours

The Best Wine Tour Company in Seattle.

Seattle Wine Tours

Seattle Wine Tours is much more than a tour; it’s a wine touring and tasting experience! Our knowledgeable chauffeur guides, combined with our quality vehicles have made us the premier choice for wine touring & tasting in Washington State.

Enjoy a wine tour of the wineries in Seattle, Woodinville, Leavenworth, Wenatchee, Chelan, Yakima, Tri-Cities or Walla Walla. Visit Seattle’s emerging boutique wine industry, or tour the wineries of the renowned Woodinville Wine Country.

Take an adventurous trip across the mountains for a FULL day trip, over night trip, or multi-day wine experience in the picturesque mountain village of Leavenworth; beautiful Wenatchee & Chelan; the prominent vineyards of Walla Walla or Yakima’s famous Wine Country, including the outstanding vineyards of Red Mountain!

Tour and taste the wineries with our friendly and informed wine chauffeurs at the wheel, and you will enjoy the most customized and safest method to tour in Washington State. And because your chauffeur-guide knows the wineries like the back of his hand, you can rest assured they will make the best use of your valuable time. You can relax in your personal vehicle and take in the scenic beauty of Washington, enjoy the best wines in the world while someone else does all the driving.

While some of our guests arrange their own plans and itineraries, most let our knowledgeable staff arrange for them a unique tasting experience through Washington Wine Country. For a few hours, a day, or multiple days, Seattle Wine Tours can arrange your perfect wine tour. Seattle Wine Tours, Woodinville Wine Tours, Washington Wine Tours, Wine tours Seattle; for wine lovers, by wine lovers!

Vehicles, Drivers and Chauffeur-Guides are Certified Washington State Charter and Limousine Companies.

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